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Selling Your Services

Listen to this audio program even when busy, so you can get started quickly with selling your services! Understand the 5-step foundation selling process that keeps you connected with your clients. Find out how to overcome objections, eliminate fears about talking with prospects, and create demand for what you offer!

The SEO Handbook for Modern Marketers

Find out how to optimize your website, page content, blogs with best practices in keyword research. Develop a strategic inbound-outbound linking system for your website that gets you found on the internet when someone searches for what you offer. Understand how the Google Algorithm affects your placement in the search results pages.

World's Best Kept Copywriting Secrets!

World's Best Kept Copywriting Secrets

Get the best tips for writing copy that sells your products and services, or those of your clients. Find out how to connect with your audience’s fears, their problems, and desires, as well as re-engaging non-active customers. 133 pages of great copywriting secrets!

Write and Grow Rich!

Write and Grow Rich!

This manual shows you how to create a simple business plan, make money with self-publishing and marketing your information, and publish your own newsletter to grow your freelance career. Avoid time-wasting activities and do more in less time. Choose what you want to write about, instead of writing what the “boss” wants. Get started today!

Become an Instant Guru!

Be the guru in your niche!

Find out how to promote yourself as the one to follow in your field by becoming an instant guru, the go-to person that people want to talk to most. Learn the 10-step process for moving yourself front and center and get clients coming to you for help instead of you looking for clients. Continued promotion is also key to your success! Begin your transformation now to become a well-known guru!

Make Money as a Marketing Consultant!

Consulting with clients is an essential part of finding out what they really need to achieve success. Sometimes they are not really sure what they need. You can help them with uncovering the issue. Find out the 55 questions you need to ask a client when you conduct a marketing audit. Discover the 16 marketing genres where clients really need your help. Learn the four steps to creating a great consulting report that your clients will love. Click the image above to get started today!

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