Moving On: Getting Your Resume in Order

You heard through the company grapevine that employees are going to be laid off, and now panic sets in. You suspect you will be one of the ones to go. While unemployment benefits may get you by for a while, it may not be enough to pay all the bills. Additionally, you cannot remember the last time you used a resume to get a job, let alone where you stored it last. Maybe you never had one done because you first got hired by somebody who knew you well.

If written communications are not your strong point, then hiring a resume writer is an excellent investment at helping you look good to any executive who reviews your submission. You can also come back to the resume writer later on when you need to add on new skills and extended education taken since the last time you worked with the resume writer.

What do you need before you contact a resume writer?

If you had a resume from a previous job, then dig it out and go through it first, using the following guideline.

  • Note anything such as skills and training that might have been left out.
  • Make notes of things you want to add in for those employment areas.
  • Make sure you have job titles and employment dates noted for each job you had.
  • Write down your current job and title and list the different responsibilities that are, or were, required of you. Remember this is just a list for now.
  • Think of what are your best qualities about you personally as an employee (i.e., self-motivated, able to handle projects with little supervision, inspirational team leader)
  • Note what software programs you have worked with that you feel relatively comfortable in promoting.

If you don’t have a resume, then begin noting all the jobs you have held since leaving school, including company names and the dates you were working there. Typically, you will arrange the information from the first job held to the current or last job held. Then follow the guideline above for the rest of the tips.

Once you have your information in place, then it is time to call your resume writer for help in putting it all together. Why do you want to have your information in place? This helps the resume writer ask pertinent questions that will develop a picture of you as an outstanding employee, with plenty to offer any employer.

When you get your resume completed, remember to also update it once a year, whether you need it for a new job application or not. Why? Because you never know when you are going to need it quick. Changes in life, particularly in today’s business environment, means that nothing remains the same for long. Don’t count on your talent keeping you safe in your job, because there are plenty of factors involved when management decides to reduce personnel and, most likely, you had nothing to do with the outcome. Therefore, why wait until you have an emergency and, under duress, you have to pull something together.

At the very least, every year you spend on the job, you learn new skills which are vital to your business profile and you need to record these upgrades in your skill set. It is important that anything you add in, is an accounting of skills and experience which a new employer will view as essential to the company if he or she hires you. You are marketing yourself to your new employer and letting everyone know what they can expect if the company hires you. It’s not about you wanting a job; it is about what you can provide to your new employer if they hire you.

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